24 Hour Fitness Classes – Group excercise

24 Hour Fitness Classes

One of the most entertaining ways to lose weight is to join a gym and go to group exercise classes. Losing weight and staying fit isn’t really a whole lot of fun. But going to a class and having a group of people along for the ride can help motivate you while you get your body and mind back into shape!

So, what are the good group exercise classes? At 24 Hour Fitness, there are a number that you might be interested in joining. Water exercise classes are a great way to get fit without breaking a sweat. In the water, virtually every activity you do is a fitness activity. Water exercises are a great way to build your strength, lose body fat, and become more flexible while reducing the risk of injury because there is no impact on your joints. In addition, anyone can join the classes because all of them are appropriate for people of all fitness levels.

24 Hour Fitness ClassesDance exercise classes have always been fun. But in the 24 Hour Fitness in Phoenix, the dance classes are even better. Zumba group exercises combine the Latin rhythm with dance steps that are really easy to follow. Each class also incorporates some resistance training and interval training to give you the complete body workout you need. You not only get to lose some fat, you also get to tone your body all in one exercise! And the best part of it is that you’ll feel like you’re just having a great night out with friends rather than exercising your butt off.

For those of us who are from the “older” generations, you can join some active aging group exercise classes. These classes aim to help older people stay healthy, strong, and flexible. In the 24 Hour Fitness in Phoenix, there are a number of active aging exercise programs that you can join. There’s YogaStretch for older people interested in yoga poses. There’s SilverSplash for people who want to increase their agility, balance, coordination, and strength through some water exercises. You can even join the Tai Chi class and Zumba Gold.

Now, those who are interested in some challenging full-body workouts, you can join the boot camp group exercise classes. In these classes, you get muscle training, cardio exercises, and loads of fun. You can even encounter a little healthy competition between classmates. Each boot camp class offers something different from hard and fast drills to athletic training that will help you in doing some of your favorite things like hiking, swimming, and playing contact sports.

Another unique workout that you can get in the 24 Hour Fitness in Phoenix is the cycling class. We all are capable of going cycling on the gym’s equipment and losing ourselves in the music in our ears or the thoughts in our heads. But for some who need a bit of company, these classes will give you the exercise you need along with the camaraderie you crave.